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Horse Arena Stone Removal Service

Problem With Harmful Stones After Grooming?

Try Our Simple Cost Effective De-Rocking Sifting Solution

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Servicing Equestrian facilities around the 

Long Island New York Metro Area

A simple, efficient, and cost effective de-rocking service. Helps in the removal of harmful stones, rocks, debris from your paddock, Indoor/Outdoor Sand Arena or any other sandy-soil areas 

Our de-rocking sifting machines from CleanSands, Inc. are designed to remove all types of debris from any sand beach, playground, sporting area or horse arena footings. The tractor attached sifters we use, can remove smaller debris better than Tine Raking models. They use intensive sifting action that separates debris from the footing. 

Having equipment like the HD65 Plus with a 65" working width and our HD52 Dynamic with a 52" working width, replaces the need to remove and re-screen the footing material with conventional screening plants, reducing cost. A simple de-rocking, grooming for your equestrian arena area.

The equipment are tractor attached and not towed behind so they are easily maneuvered around your site. We are able to access smaller areas unlike the Large Tow behind models on the market. They remove debris not only on the surface, but cleans debris that is beneath the surface.  

The area should be well loosened and dry for best results with our de-rocking sifting machines.

Horse Arena, Stone removal footing, horse footing arena
Horse Arena Stone Removal

In The Bucket - Not Under The Hooves

Horse Arena Stones Removal

Heavy Duty And Easy To Maneuver unlike larger tow behind models

Arena Stone Removal: Beach Cleaner Beach Cleaner, Beach Cleaning, stone removal arena
Arena Stone Removal, derocking footing, beach cleaner,
derocking arena, stones removed from arena
Beach Cleane Arena Stones Removal, DeRocking Arena Footing
horse arena stones, arena footing, beach cleaner, beach cleaning equipment
Arena Stone Removal: Beach Cleaner
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